Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Download Youtube Videos on iPod and many other devices

If you investigate web, you'll run into many websites that has one or more videos embedded in it. News websites such as BBC and CNN fall within this category. But, what about a website containing only films and nothing else? This is exactly what the Youtube Phenomenon is about. To those who have not found out about Youtube, it's a video sharing website where you could upload, share, and watch movies - Youtube videos - for free. It is owned by Google.

If you are a computer geek, it is possible to go inside the temporary files on your desktop and find the best file which is playing the playback quality, however It needs a lot of knowledge and It is extremely hard for an average computer user to avoid wasting YouTube video applying this way.

2. Include a call-to-action with your video. It may seem simple, but directing your viewers towards taking an action after watching your videos is incredibly important. At the end of your videos make sure you let viewers determine what action you want them to take, for example "Visit our website", "Like our Facebook page", as well more interactive like "Tweet us a question". If it involves small effort on the end but leaves big influence on your end, everyone wins!

1.A mobile phone that supports mp3 2.A data cable 3.Free audio-editor software

To download YouTube videos for iPod touch, generally you need to download the YouTube video first after which convert the FLV